Broker dealer accounting
Compliant with FINRA and SEC requirements

We provide accounting for broker dealer clients:

The FINRA and SEC require specialized and unique accounting practices for all broker dealers. In this specialized industry few accountants have experience with broker dealer accounting or have an understanding of the these stringent regulations, which if not properly followed can lead to regulatory fines, censures and firm closures.

Robert A. Cowen, CPA provides experienced counsel and assistance to guide you in financial reporting in order to meet these strict regulations. He has been servicing the securities industry since 1981.

The services he provides to his broker dealer clients are unique and tailored to broker dealers and include:

Preparation of:

  • Focus IIa
  • Monthly/Quarterly financial statements
  • S. P. I. C.
  • Net Capital Calculations
  • Provides monthly accounting and bookkeeping services in strict compliance with the SEC regulations.

    Development of Accounting Systems: Assist the broker dealer in the selection and implementation of manual and/or computerized accounting systems.

    Compilation of Financial Statements and other management reports.

    Budgets, investment analysis, business and financial modeling: Provide for other accounting and financial needs for broker dealers.

    Financial Audits: Assistance in the preparation of SEC required annual financial audits. This can result in controlling the high costs associated with annual audits.

    In addition to our professional expertise, we draw upon other industry professionals specializing in legal, registration and compliance to better support our clients.

    Client Testimonials:

    "While working as the President of a San Diego-based national broker dealer, I utilized the professional services of Robert Cowen, CPA for over 7 years. The firm delivered what it promised in a timely and efficient manner, while demonstrating exceptional dedication to our challenges and unique issues. The service they provided was invaluable to our operations."
    -Stephanie Ackerstrom

    "Robert Cowen, CPA started working with my broker dealer firm in 1987. Robert is an accounting expert in the brokerage field. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and conscientious. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an accountant with extensive experience and expertise."
    -Daniel Barba. President Private Portfolio

    "Our company, Foresters Equity Services, Inc. used the broker dealer accounting services for over 15 years. Robert maintains the highest professional standards and keeps current with FINRA and SEC requirements. The staff is professional and responsive. We continue to have a solid business relationship with the firm and we recommend other industry firms to him. The service he provides is definitely valuable."
    -Laura Malechuk, Vice President
    Finance Foresters Equity Services, Inc.

    Robert A. Cowen

    Certified Public Accountant

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    San Diego, CA 92109